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From VANCOUVER, TORONTO, MONTREAL, PARIS, NEW-YORK, LOS ANGELES to MIAMI. THE DANCE NEVER STOPS! Check out the articles on the MTL. Also see picts from different events that we may have participated in or simply attended.

MostTalentedLeague Studio International of Arts of B Boying is a Dance studio for all the breakers from around the WORLD. Be sure to check out our clothing line. A must for every breaker. Or if you just want to show your support to the culture by sporting the WalkenSignature.

Anyway check us out and let us know what you think. All rights reserved, COPYRIGHT 1975-2004.



1- You agree to be in physically capable to start an exercise program and you are conscious of the fact that it is necessary to consult a doctor before subscribing.

2- MostTalentedLeague Studio International of Arts of B Boying is not responsible for any damage (physical or material) resulting from an injury to the customer inside the studio or the surrounding. The customer assume the entire responsibility for any wounds or physical damage on him made by himself or by someone else and may not hold the studio responsible for any responsibility unless it is the fault of the studio or any of its representatives, including its customers or persons using the studio.

3- The present contract is personnal to the client, innacessible and can’t be transferred. By registering, you consent that (MostTalentedLeague Studio & MostTalentedLeague Films) may use your image, voice and likeness in all tangible productions including but not limited to: videos, advertisements, and any publicly related materials, without seeking any monetary compensation.

4- The customer accept any damage caused by himself. You will be held personnally responsible and may face prosecution to the extent of the state law for any unlawaful conduct including, but not limited to: defacing public property, possession of controlled substance,weapons, etc.

5- The customer states to have read, understood, and accepted every rules displayed in the studio, as well as every futur modifications made to them. If, by any chance, the customer does not respect one or many rules, the contract will be ended without notice, and the customer’s right of access will be refused, without a refund if more than a tenth of the contract is executed, , and without the right to become again customer of the studio.

6- The direction of the studio reserves the right to refuse a customer at his discretion, without having to provide a reason and/or explanation. If a contract had been signed, the direction of the studio will be able to refuse the contract and put an end to it, then refund its customer immediately in proportion of the time of the contract used.

7- No subscription could be suspended and/or continuous beyond the completion date envisaged above, this contract lasting for a determined time.

8- CONTRACT must be read & signed by an ADULT for children under 18 years of age, and agree to respect the contract.

9- NO REFUND AFTER FIVE (5) DAYS, starting the day of signing the contract.